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I'm a serious employer (single dad and professor). Not looking for sex slave, but I admit (being new) I do have some fun fantasies going on I'm my mind... But I digress. I could use some advice on how to improve my profile. For instance, I was honest about being an out priest. Yet, I don't know if that will scare potential applicants off. I'm atypical of my profession and would never push religion on anyone. Any advice how I can improve my profile to still be honest, yet make it more appealing?  We are a very nice family, big house, great small town but close to NYC. Honesty greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 


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I don't see anything wrong with your ad, though I'm admittedly also new.  It does seem, however, that a good number of houseboys on this site are looking to be cared for, rather than accepting a position of responsibility (as both your and my ads have in common).  That may account for some of the lack of response.

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