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Houseboy seeking in Las Vegas nv


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hello everyone my name is ALE ( short for Alejandro) I just thought I'd come on here to introduce myself. Hello. I'm somewhat of a social turtle, quiet and shy at first but once I'm comfortable I'm come out of my shell. 

The reason why I'm on here is, I moved out of with my brothers a few months ago and it's been kind of rough living alone. Don't get me wrong I like having my own space but it does get kind of lonely lol, and I'm far to proud to ever let them even think I missed them haha. Also what I'm looking for involves a different kind of relationship, one that my brothers can't fulfill.  

What im looking for is a big bro (ironically) or daddy kind of man to give me some guidance/help. I don't think moving out on my own was a bad idea, I'm 26 it was time to live a life of my own, but it can be a little daunting and stressful. I went from sharing all the responsibilities to being the only one responsible, im keeping my head up but FML....

im the kind of boy that likes to take direction, if you need something done and like it done a certain way I'm happy to learn. If you also needed help outside of the house I'm open to that too. I am happy to please you in other ways as well but taking it slow and getting comfortable with each other is key. I may spontaneously get handsy or mouthy though, or I might not, but I feel like you should be ok with that either way. I think after we meet and see if we're a fit we can discuss compensation and things like that. If your interested let me know id like to hear from you!


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