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  1. Not your average opportunity!

    I am looking for a unique individual to work in many capacities in both the short term and long term.  I am a small business owner, formerly an executive at a major bank in Information Technology and Online Banking.  Years back before I entered the corporate work force, I was a bit of a jack-of-all-trades to work and earn money for school.  I have held many roles, including houseboy (yes that is what lead me to the houseboy site), stripper, and many types of modeling.

    I have now turned a “hobby” or side money into a new and rapidly growing media firm called Hawt Lifestyle.  This company represents male models in multiple media forums, giving our models the opportunity to earn money and expand their image in many different ways.  We have an existing partnership with RandyBlue.com and their LIVE chat forum.  Beyond that opportunity I have merchandising lines, live performances and club appearances, paid photography projects, film and an array of consulting services.

    The right model is attractive but has a personality equally appealing.  The right fit is a young, physically attractive man with an exhibitionist spirit, who is sexy naturally but able to take coaching and creative direction. 

    For the ideal candidate or candidates, there will be permanent live-in space on site free, all expenses paid.  The new studio location is where I live, located in the Appalachian Mountains with plenty of room, space to relax and entertain. 

    If some, or all of this opportunity appeals to you, please contact me at josh.hawt@hawtlifestyle.com or 619-418-8431.

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