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  1. SIR is looking for a live in sub houseboy. Live in Southern California on a 20 acre Ranch with a small Lake. I am a strict Daddy/Dom but I can adjust the intensity as needed for the right Guy. Looking for a young man to perform Household duties and some lite Landscaping. You will be taken on nice Vacations and Day Trips. You may be disciplined as needed but also Rewarded when Deserved. Hit me up here or on KIK Messenger at.... DesertDaddySir
  2. Yes it is. Hit me up at... DesertDaddySir
  3. I may be interested. Hit me up at DesertDaddySir
  4. Very interested. Respond to me at DesertDaddySIR
  5. I gotta laugh. The boys are complaining that the Employers arent genuine or sincere? Im desperately trying to replace my last sub with a boy that isnt just trying to get in my pants. Thats all i have found thus far. Its a shame. Nice setup for a good sub boy.... SIR is looking for a 24/7 live-in sub Ranch boy for his Compound in California. Full Ownership Required. Daily Chores Domestic duties Used as Desired Disciplined as needed Rewarded when Deserved
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