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  1. It is really overwhelming to read these comments, well, it is better to be cautious and have some guidelines that allow us to err less. However, there is something I did not expect and it seems horrible to me, probably because it directly touches the position I assume on this site, that is, that of houseboy. I was robbed by a guy in my city, and the truth is more what he lost by stealing from me than what I lost in money, (it may sound ridiculous) but he lost the possibility of keeping in touch with a nice person, and in fact this guy returned asking for forgiveness, but pitifully trust and empathy are fundamental, and there wasn't the first one and therefore neither the second one. An untrustworthy houseboy is disappointing, but reading that there are employers who can invite a houseboy to their homes and then drifting... it seems really low. It should not happen to either of them, but usually a houseboy is in a position of greater need than an employer, so in case of a hoax the houseboy may be in a situation of greater vulnerability and that makes that scam so low. Okay, what else to say, thanks for the tips.
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