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  1. If a houseboy says you can reach me at gmail.com and then goes right to hangout.. don't do it.. hangout seems to be an off side meeting place not well monitored. then they ask you do you have what apps and other phone apps. although apps are quick . very easy to back dial and gain access to stuff on your phone. plus if out of country can add up to some huge phone bills. usually cell phones in usa have unlimited plans until you end up out of country that is entirely different. BEWARE Also I always ask do you have transport. 99% of the time they say no and want money. Frankly being in the USA you can still hitch a ride for free. hop on a bus for under 40 bucks one way or amtrack for 60 one way. Sometimes there are one way planes from Florida to Ny for 79 . It would not break any boys pocket for that. If a kid says I'm homeless. Ask yourself how they are online? cell phones cost. and library computers have family protection built into them. Just sayin
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