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  1. Yes if I would want I can report i a few employers also , scammers who only said they are rich people from the USA and ask for private pictures few minutes after your first email or text phone , what’s this ? I don’t report them because I am not into games. But you to employers are a cheaters and scammers it’s the same.
  2. Okay guys , I just want to tell that employers only ask for naked or sexy pictures minutes later your first messages. they said they will help and then don’t talk anymore. i don’t know how they want a trusting person if the only cares is about the body, seems all this daddies or employers wherever you want to call are a cheaters and love to play games. From no I am just looking in México , Canada or Europe. The people in the USA love to said they are rich and will help but after you send something sexy they dissapear , Thanks. i don’t care about the money just looking a good tutor and someone who need someone with good heart and caring.
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