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  1. Couldn’t get my profile back or start a new one…..not sure why….. but I have a fetlife account with pictures if any employers/daddies are interested haha. Just shoot me a message and we can chat!
  2. Sorry I deleted my main profile early this year, was focusing on other things at the time but I will create a new one!
  3. So I’m new to the area , hoping to find an employer that’s ok with me being a visiting houseboy :) I can cook a few different things , love kinkily cleaning while Nude, and overall want to explore a HB dynamic. I am more so looking to be spoiled and explore kinks than have a space to live but could be a live in for the right person.
  4. SubtleSubX


    What routine(s) do you expect of your houseboy on the regular. Can be provocative or just household duties. Curious and hope to hear some hot responses.
  5. Not quite at a point where I want to flat out leave my state,maybe toward the end of the year. I’m very much into being of service in the nude and hoping to find someone local to Illinois. Idk site has been kinda dead ..... pm me so we can chat
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