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  1. There seems to be a link - and thats Colorado Denver in particular. I have been sent details by a person I shall call CM asking for $4500 each for her hareem of boys. I checked the images of the guys by doing an image search on Google and found them to be stock pictures used in the Porn industry. I then found the films that the guys appeared in !!!! I did a reverse email check and found an address in Denver where the IP address was located. Which eventually gave me the name of the "actual person " who lives there and I was able to find their criminal history through legitimate means. I will
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    Hi Joe On the off chance you still watch this site I am based in the UK and would be very interested in speaking wit you :-)
  3. Hi Elie. I am based in the UK and I need a houseboy - I hope to buy  a place in Scalea in Italy for vacations  - if your interested I would love to speak with you

  4. You good looking fit sub looking to serve an older dad
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