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  1. It’ll clearly be for money - he’s just not bright enough to do it. Ask to WhatsApp him - he’ll be unable to…
  2. So an older guy contacted me claiming he was 'looking for a new home' for his housboy, Ken. Pics duly arrived, Ken looked all too good to be true. Reasonably communicative, but started to slip up. I'm British and so he claimed he knew how to make 'fish and chips' (nobody makes these - we always get them as take out) and 'cucumber sandwiches'. Really ? Nobody eats these either, they're a relic of Edwardian afternoon tea. If I was making a proper, British, afternoon tea I might do some but it would really be as something to laugh about. That all set the alarm bells ringing but... ...the absolute stand out was when I suggested we chatted / video called over WhatsApp or similar. He claimed to only have a Nokia phone with buttons despite the fact one of the pictures he'd sent was of him in front of a mirror using an iPhone to take the picture. Of course, I challenged him on this and got crap in reply. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining honey...
  3. My profile is viewable - looking to find a great guy for an ongoing arrangement. I am genuine and you should be too. Don't expect it to happen overnight, it's better to take some time and get it right than to rush into it and both sides end up disappointed. It's about you as much as me, and what you're bringing to the table as much as what I am offering as well. Not all contributions are financial in nature. If you're interested, can hold a conversation and won't expect to move in after 20 minutes then you should contact me.
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