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  1. when one chooses to view an email from the link on the front page (without actually going to the email page) it doesn't make the email as viewed.
  2. What do you all think of a section that lists types of food liked and more importantly disliked. I take food, both eating and preparing as an important social aspect of living together. We will need to eat daily, while our sexual needs are important, they are not needed as frequent. Lol maybe wanted though! I have met a few guys that could have passed muster but their incredibly picky eating habits made me wonder how I could cook for both of us and enjoy a nice home cooked meal. I love eating out but that gets old and expensive.
  3. I see guys with this and a number of members who have met them, i have used this in the past but I don't see a way to access the members anymore.
  4. I know you all are aware of this, but PLEASE do not trust your sleeping partners about their HIV status. I see some guys on here that claim to be negative and on bareback.com they say they are positive. I have had guys on this site come clean in emails of their status so I am not talking about anyone specific and you all are adults and can make you own decisions.
  5. I contacted Richyy the first time through his advertised Skype address. He also has an email adress listed here or you can send him a message through the email system here.
  6. Hi Everyone, Richyy is a really nice guy. I was fortunate enough to have had him down for a weekend interview and we had a great time. He was gracious with my friends and they loved him. I wish I was able to employee him, but at this time I am not. If you are seriously looking for a guy he would be great guy to chat with and see if he fits your needs. He is a farrier and is used to hard work so I am sure helping around your house would be easy. Dick
  7. It would be nice to search for people based on any of the contact information or the other email address. i have lots of guys on in my email files that i have no idea who they are any more. if possible keep these in a file even after they have gone away with a sates line... cancelled acct, erased due to inactivity etc.
  8. When you logon on the page you have to agree to the terms, put the picture of the newest guy or the days most active guy
  9. he does have a profile screen name is rakerj http://www.houseboy.com/index.php?file=member_profile&member_id=110110033 He is a very cute and nice guy, from the texting we did.
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