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Found 2 results

  1. Hers a list of recent fakes, frauds, scammers I’ve come in contact with. Save yourself the time and trouble with these. HandsomeMuscle MuscleSub4Dad OlderMentor Jmax90 jamescollins Stevechris And one that’s been reported before here yet still working the website. justhops i know there’s plenty more but these I’ve communicated with.
  2. I just avoided another scammer trying to get in with me here today, our newest member. Midwest phone number, Brooklyn address listed here, and he says he is in Africa, go figure!!! I asked for pics and he sent group shots of military guys fooling around, obviously taken from some poor soldiers internet shots. If you want to avoid being scammed just DEMAND a selfie taken NOW and have them holding up one,two, or three fingers. They can't do it cause they are not the man they claim and will start calling you names and trying to make it like you are the one lying here. I just love it, they are the same everytime they get caught in their scams and lies. Ever heard of anyone traveling to Africa these days? I haven't and it just keeps repeating itself with the lies. Usually they have some lame excuse and need a ticket to the States or they just got robbed and need money or else their art or stuff or whatever is being held up in customs so they need a quick emergency infusion of cash so they can bring it home to sell it. DONT FALL FOR THESE GUYS.
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