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Found 1 result

  1. killingtime


    Hey! My name is Jeremy. I am looking for someone who is genuine and kind. On here there is a part of all of our profiles that asks if sex is expected. If you have “yes, most likely” then I’m probably not your guy. The ONLY way I’d ever participate in sexual activity is if the chemistry is right. I wouldn’t fuck randoms where I’m at. Definitely wouldn’t do it with someone from online. I have to be attracted to you both physically and emotionally. Just how I am. I have goals that I plan to accomplish and am hoping to find someone who can help me do that. I want to go back to school for starters. What I’ll major in is still a question I can’t answer. I love so many things. Paleontology, Accounting, Archaeology, Ancestry... the list goes on. I love cooking, but am not amazing at it. I love doing activities outside. Whether it be yard work, carpentry, gardening, or just enjoying nature. I am not the kind of person who enjoys staying indoors. When I was younger I started playing the guitar, so be prepared to hear that often. Am I great at it? No. But it is soothing for me. I love music of all kinds and listen to it throughout most of my day. I am hoping to relocate as soon as possible once finding the right person. It’s best that both of us understand that regardless of how good we connect, it’s important to view things as a trial run at the beginning. That way if things don’t work out we can just go our separate ways. Viewing this as permanent from the start would put too much stress on the situation in my opinion. In the end I am hoping to find something genuine. Whether we are just friends or it develops into something more depends on the chemistry. As long as the situation is mutually beneficial I think we’ll get along. With that being said, if you think I’m what you’re looking for then message me!
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