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Houseboy sought in Southern California

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I gotta laugh.  The boys are complaining that the Employers arent genuine or sincere?  Im desperately trying to replace my last sub with a boy that isnt just trying to get in my pants.  Thats all i have found thus far.  Its a shame.  Nice setup for a good sub boy....


SIR is looking for a 24/7 live-in sub Ranch boy for his Compound in California. Full Ownership Required.  


Daily Chores

Domestic duties

Used as Desired

Disciplined as needed

Rewarded when Deserved

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I am 33 years old, Latino 5'7" 165, undetectable, have ink and some metal, very much a jeans/boots and leather jacket kind of guy. Power exchange relationship is what I seek and are best fit. Fetish/kink are a huge plus but not a must.. I identify as a service submissive from domestic to sexual servitude. If this is of any interest I would be interested in chatting.


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