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Houseboy Wanted in NYC

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This isn't the most glamorous offer...it's not like in the movies where you'll summer on a yacht in the Mediterranean and fly away with me every weekend to some exotic locale. Hardly. I'm just a guy who can offer you free rent in NYC in exchange for housekeeping and dogwalking. Sex would be great, but not required. My dog is old and has a bladder condition and she needs to be walked during the day while I'm at work. Walk the dog and tidy up the apartment and you'll have nights and weekends to yourself. The current houseboy (straight) leaves in August. He works nights and weekends (a cash job) and he has banked a lot of money over the past two years he's been here. Great opportunity if you're an online student or have an internet job where you can work from anywhere (or a writer). 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan. You'll share a room with me (separate beds) and there's another roommate in the other bedroom. Nudist apartment. 

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