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  1. This isn't the most glamorous offer...it's not like in the movies where you'll summer on a yacht in the Mediterranean and fly away with me every weekend to some exotic locale. Hardly. I'm just a guy who can offer you free rent in NYC in exchange for housekeeping and dogwalking. Sex would be great, but not required. My dog is old and has a bladder condition and she needs to be walked during the day while I'm at work. Walk the dog and tidy up the apartment and you'll have nights and weekends to yourself. The current houseboy (straight) leaves in August. He works nights and weekends (a cash job) and he has banked a lot of money over the past two years he's been here. Great opportunity if you're an online student or have an internet job where you can work from anywhere (or a writer). 2 bedroom apartment in Manhattan. You'll share a room with me (separate beds) and there's another roommate in the other bedroom. Nudist apartment.
  2. i got hit up for money yesterday by iambronson. He "absolutely" wanted to come live with me, but first he just needed $320 by 5pm yesterday for his car note and insurance. We only had our first communication yesterday, and within an hour he wanted the money...and was mad that i didn't "trust" him. LOL. When I said the only way i would consider paying it was if he sent me the account login info and let me pay it directly, he said that wouldn't work for him, he needs to pay it himself on his own credit card to protect his credit rating. When I explained that's not how credit ratings worked, he peaced out.
  3. hi.

    you can email me directly at nonkeys_muncle@yahoo.com

  4. don't you think he maybe used the ticket, flew in, and just dodged you at the airport?
  5. Current houseboy leaves May 22. Looking for a houseboy in NYC who can help with the dog, housekeeping and some cooking. Manhattan apartment close to subway lines and convenient to all locations. Me: nice guy, works for an arts nonprofit. I'm open to anyone from any location. Can provide travel if necessary.
  6. Hey guys, I'm moving to Allentown PA and am looking for a houseboy on or around Oct 1, 2015. Need help setting up the new house (I'll have to get all new furnishings, start to finish), so you'd be accepting deliveries, setting up furniture and getting things in order. After that, duties will just include light cleaning and errands, and taking care of my 7-year-old dog. She has a bladder condition and can't go more than 4-5 hours without needing to pee. Otherwise, she's pretty low-maintenance and very sweet. If you're willing to cook, i'll also cover all your meals/groceries. And you can use my car during the day if I don't need it for work (I can walk to work). The house is in the west end theatre district of Allentown, and everything is walkable and bike-able -- restaurants, stores, movies, etc. I make frequent trips to NYC both for work and pleasure, and you'd be able to come along (and the dog,too). I work some nights and weekends, but weekends are mostly for travel and adventure. Prefer no drug use. Light drinking is ok as long as drinking is not a problem for you. Sex is great, but not mandatory. I want us to get along and enjoy each other's company and if sex makes that weird, I won't force it. Relationship is great, too, but it's not the kind of thing that can be forced. So whatever happens or doesn't happen is just fine by me. I really prefer creative types (writers/actors/film makers), but that's not a requirement, either. The only requirements I have are (1) don't be crazy (2) don't be dishonest (3) no unnecessary drama (4) be positive and appreciate the good things in life. My job is rather high profile, so I'll probably ask you to sign a nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement. Not that there's anything to hide, I just don't want ANY unnecessary drama in my life. I can cover relocation expense if you'd be moving here. I may also take in a roommate at some point. If I do that, you'd be cooking/cleaning for him, too, and for that you will receive a weekly cash stipend. I'm looking for comfortable, casual, laid-back, stress-free, happy atmosphere. Let's chat!
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