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Happy Thanksgiving

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While the origin of this holiday is sometimes clouded by folklore, it has been a time to give thanks for the bounty in our lives. But as a time when families and friends gather for a giant meal of turkey (usually) an all the trimmings, some feel left out, often because the are. 
I bring a special greeting to the employers who have yet to connect with a houseboy. A young man who would set a beautiful table, one who would help prepare the meal, greet guests and see to their comfort, and one who, when all was said and done would sit next to his dad/employer in front of the tv for football, or by the fireplace for quiet reflection, yes, you long for it, I hope it will be fulfilled. 
I also bring greetings to all of the houseboys. To those who have found a home where they are safe, and warm, and appreciated, even loved. But I also think about those poor souls who have entered into an arrangement that has turned abusive, but hard to leave. Most of all I think about those houseboys who are without a house to call home. Whether living lonely and/or poor, or just longing for a place where they might be needed, accepted and lovedo. I pray for the men who find they might survive by misrepresenting to potential employers in order to extract money not earned. Even they have an empty place in their heart that longs to be filled.  
May we all be thankful for what we have, be mindful that when a home is matched to a houseboy, it is special for the employer and the houseboy, that there is trust, and love, and it must be honored. I hope in the coming years, all of us who seek a houseboy, and all of those houseboys who seek a place will be safe, and will find a relationship that works for both. 

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  Thank you for sharing such a great message here on this day that I hope everyone can find something in their life to be grateful for. You have described the type of relationship I personally long for and continue to search for with a boy. A relationship such as you’ve described. I too send out my best wishes to all those employers and houseboys out there who are searching for the same. Best of luck to us all in finding that which we seek. 

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