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Accolatroy formerly Coltroyman total SCAMMER

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 Accolatroy, formerly a week or two ago before he was outed, was Coltroyman. This “person” is a total con artist and thinks they are real slick at it but lacks what it takes to fool anyone with good common sense. Steer clear fellas. You’ve been warned. And good luck to all the honest guys out there seeking what you desire. 

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Geez ceman554  I’m sorry you had that crappy experience. Hopefully it was only your time that you lost with that loser. Keep on trying. There’s plenty good boys out there along with plenty of the rotten apples. May you learn from mistakes and move full steam ahead with a positive attitude. I know, it’s not easy but don’t give up. I too have had my fair share of setbacks. 

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