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COVID-19 Blues


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This corona virus thing has really disrupted all of our lives. I have been seeking a houseboy for some length of time. I really need help, and need to feel like I’m helping a young man. I crave companionship, and if there is some physical intimacy, that’s a bonus. But my house is a disaster of a mess and I need a hard working guy to help me out. But I just am not comfortable having someone from the outside world into my home where I have been practicing 100% isolation for the past 17 days. I’m a senior, with a couple of underlying conditions, and I’d do a houseboy or myself no good if I got sick.  So, I’ve put it all on hold. It’s not like houseboy candidates are breaking down my door. But there are some good guys out there. I’m happy talking to anybody who wants to explore the possibilities, but I won’t be making a move until things change for the better.  Anybody disagree?

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Same here my friend. I really want and need some help around here and definitely can use some friendly companionship. Sex would be icing on top. But like you I’m a senior, 67, so have been isolating couple weeks now. If I had a way to safely isolate a young recruit here for a couple of weeks I’d do it. But the risk of the unknown is too great for me to chance it. Had preplanned for a great potential houseboy to come for a short meet and greet stay for three days last Thursday until this Chinese virus shit hit the fan. Everything is on hold now. Feel worse for the young man who was coming. He really was in need of a safe and dependable living environment. Such is life. I’m convinced if we ALL practice what the officials keep telling us then the sooner this disaster will end and we can start putting the pieces back together. Good luck everyone. 

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Better safe than sorry. No boy is cute enough to risk covid over. Think of it this way; you'll be happy and healthy when you can find a boy when this stuff clears, and boys are a dime a dozen, so by then, there will be more boys to pick from. Just find safe things to do to keep yourself busy or learn how to be okay in the silence with yourself. In this country, people seem to have a real issue with that because we're used to everything being loud and flashy to distract us from reality, but it is possible to just be. That way when time comes to find a boy, you won't come out of the cave desperate like most will. 

As far as testing, any time you spent after that test isn't going to reflect on that test. We see stories like that of the high school football kid that was tested weekly, never got a positive test, and still died of covid. Even if it's not in your system, what if you pick it up and carry it on luggage or something and end up spreading it unknowingly? This country hasn't had any luck coming out of quarantine without infecting others yet, so assuming you will be the exception for a houseboy position or for the sake of getting some is as dumb as blaming this all on China. I mean, no matter where it came from, they're not the people crowding beaches or sending their kids back to school for a president that won't send his own back to school.

Anyhow, turn those blues into something fun like I did. Okay, it's easier for me, I'll admit; I've always preferred rural areas, and I don't like being around groups of people (so when covid ends, I'll still want my 6 feet), and I have a bus to convert into an RV... but still, there has to be something you like to do. Cook and record it. Play video games. Plant a garden and care for it. Foster a dog or something. I take random classes and courses when I'm bored. You'll get through it just fine, just be smart about it so you'll have a wonderful opportunity to offer a deserving boy that was smart enough to wait as well. 

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