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Planning relocation from Lubbock, TX to?


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Hey guys, My name is Stellar. (Yes that’s my real name)

I’m a photographer currently residing in Lubbock, Texas and I’m looking to relocate somewhere much more diverse, with diverse opportunities.

I’m 28 years young, pretty healthy and energetic, more on the shy and quiet side, I’m very much an introvert that loves calmness and peace.

I am looking to fill a houseboy position, depending on location.

I am a very tidy and clean person, messes make me anxious lol.

Also, I have a license and a truck so you don’t have to worry about driving me around like Ms. Daisy.

I’m not the best at these things and am not too sure how to use this site just quite yet, but if I’ve sparked an interest and you’d like to know more, my messages are open.

Thank You,




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I’d definitely be open to getting better acquainted but I too live in a rural area of south central Texas. You’re more than welcome to private message me through my profile on the main website. I think you should set up a free profile on the main website in order to get a lot more attention than just the forum here. Best of luck to you. 

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