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Exp. P.A. / House-Manager seeks new Opp.

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Exp. Personal Assistant / House Manager seeks Live-in work opportunity preferably either in the NYC or Los Angeles Area - 

My services cover -
* Office Assistance ~ I'm experienced with: scheduling, working with various computer programs/including social media, and filing.
* Clothing Maintenance ~I'm experienced also with providing styling assistance.
* Pet Care ~ Love Animals!
* House/Apartment Managing ~ Meticulous with cleaning & organizing
Side note - I'm active with working-out and enjoy hiking, biking, rollerblading.. If you're looking for a Fitness Companion.. I'm a great motivator.

Brief Bio~

I'm an Exp. Personal / Administrative Assistant / House Manager since 2003. I enjoy this field of work as it's provided a continuing growing experience.

I've lived in NY since late 2004 and actually been working as a full time Administrative Assistant in the Textile industry for the past ten years till Covid.  In the mix of that I've worked as a Personal Assistant / House Manager.

I'm 36 year old Caucasian Gay Male Non-smoker / Non-drug user ~ Tested neg. for Covid
Quiet, private, easily adaptable to various home / work environments.

Hobbies.. Gallery hopping, writing, rollerblading / working-out, volunteering.

Easy going / easy to communicate / get along with..
Would prefer someone who's had a live-in before in a similar scenario.


Pictures, resume, references available upon serious request.  

Please either get my attention on here or message my profile HouseManagerNYC

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Caution: It’s noted in the heading of this forum that neither real names nor email addresses are allowed here in the forum. No I’m not the forum police but you do risk getting banned from the forum for doing so. Just trying to save you the headache. Good luck to all. 

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