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New scammer alert about Johns1

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Johns1 could send no proof who he was when asked to verify himself with photo Id. Says he lost his job cause of Covid, never replied back to me all day when on a Saturday without a job & it just so happens his phone camera doesn't work. Doesn't own a computer to send it that way either. I don't even think he is from Dallas, Texas. Then had the nerve to call me the scammer after I verified who I was with several pictures of myself & home. Another POS in the world.

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Added note: What I do which is the same thing the website does to verify. Have him write his name (whether it’s his actual name or not who knows) and the date on a piece of paper, hold it near his face and take a selfie. That won’t prove he won’t try to get money out of you but will verify what he actually looks like. If they can’t do that then I’m done and move on. 

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