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Let’s create a system to avoid scammers.....

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Since I’m a genuine houseboy seeking an employer, it’s kinda my responsibility to make sure the houseboy system remains legit.

Take me for instance, I’m positioning myself as a good son or a great spouse. Maybe we can start by expanding the roles houseboys can choose from in profiles.


I would say that this site is better than a certain other sponsor-based website, too many of those profiles were fake.

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All of the scammers already give you a symbol. It tends to be a big red flag. They ask for money. That's your sign he's a scammer. No boy is thin enough, cute enough, or young enough to need cash or gifts from you before ever meeting. The only thing a person should have to send to a boy is their flight or train or bus itinerary which can be done via email. The symbol is there, just don't ignore that big red flag. 

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