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  1. johncry

    JSmith FAKE

    Many of these profiles are probably fake. Is he verified? Did you offer to move him in?
  2. I don’t understand, why do you keep up with a profile that blocked you & one you’re not interested in?
  3. All 3 are pretty gross, imo. But I don’t see the incest fetish going away anytime soon, unfortunately.
  4. You could always offer it as a roommate package of you aren’t landing any offers.
  5. Since I’m a genuine houseboy seeking an employer, it’s kinda my responsibility to make sure the houseboy system remains legit. Take me for instance, I’m positioning myself as a good son or a great spouse. Maybe we can start by expanding the roles houseboys can choose from in profiles. I would say that this site is better than a certain other sponsor-based website, too many of those profiles were fake.
  6. @admin Delete this thread please, I found his account.
  7. They didn’t respond to my emails, and it’s been a few years since the profiles were updated. Also the photos can’t be taken down.
  8. I realize that but these are public photos....I don’t own them so I’ll take them down. What I was hoping for was for them to have an account on here.
  9. We’d probably be a good fit: I have a small house in the DC suburbs of Virginia. Close to Metro so getting around is easy. I am masculine and would like to have a masculine houseboi. You can have a job if you like or hang out at my place (provided you do your chores!)
  10. I was wondering if these two (Rick & Scott) have an account on here: We are two masculine men in LTR of over 35 years We both retired from good jobs and enjoy a secure and substantial income in retirement. We�re located in North Western PA, about 45 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, PA. We live in a rural area surrounded by mostly farms. We have 10 very private wooded and fenced acres at the end of a private road. Our house is a real log cabin with a large living room with a stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings, a open floor plan with dining area and kitchen with island.
  11. While I’m not for full sissification, I do want to be emasculated.
  12. Hello, I’m new here and I wanted to know what is desired by employers. As a son I assume we won’t be having any sexual activity but discipline is expected. The reason I posted this thread is because I want to know if I should continue to look for an employer or just find a matchmaker?
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