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Need help, desperate to become houseboy

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I had a very rough past couple months, i’m struggling to pay rent and live on my own after my parents kicked me out for being bisexual, i struggle with mental health a bit, and i just want to have a break with a man for a few months. i’m looking to become a house boy, i’m horny a lot as im a teenager, i’m a good worker and a good conversationalist. i’m very opinionated and wanna explore my sexual side as well, i haven’t had a lot of experience.


i live in montreal, canada



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hello I am from Hamilton ontario would you be interest stay at my place, I dont charge you rent just get your own food and internet and you own cell phone bill. and I just want have you as a company, I would cook and clean and do your laundry too. and would like you work for someone else, may be we can hang out together, do you smoke drink or use of 420. thanks

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