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Healthy Daddy still looking for that special young man.

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So tired of the scammers on here but have got to believe that there is a boy who wants , needs and will appreciate this caring, loving Daddy who will treat him with the respect that he craves. I know that the cute boys love to play with mature men's heads and reap their financial rewards as they come but if there is a boy who is tired of being passed around like day old bread, this is your forever home (considering if we mesh) If you text me and start the popular scam communications(Ae.: What's your PayPal number, how much do you make. my grandma needs surgery, etc.), I will block you and report you to admin. cause there are serious mature men here who want to help you in return for your loyalty and respect.

If you are a "good" boy who wants to escape a bad situation, family rejection, etc. this is your opportunity to build a future with a competent, reliable man so message me at comiller54at g. Leave a number so we can talk one on one. Waiting to hear from the REAL houseboys.

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