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Nieto, Tommyroland and Dbbtp are all scammers. Duanne is a fake.

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Nieto and Tommyroland seemed to have no problem communicating here or by email but as soon as I asked for a video chat they started coming up with excuses as to why that was impossible and, ultimately, told me I had to email their masters and arrange to purchase them.  

Dbbtp claimed to need to rehome his houseboy on account of moving to a smaller home.  Before I had even spoken directly to the boy he asked me to pay him $4,000 for 'relocation expenses'.  I told him that if the boy and I reached an agreement I would arrange his relocation and pay the airline and, if necessary, packing and shipping vendor directly.  Predictably I never heard back.

Duanne says he is at a location nowhere near the one listed in his profile (and neither match the timestamps on his emails), claimed his phone doesn't have a camera and his computer can't do video chat.

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