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This isn't a "hot" response, but...

Having been a houseboy, the duties expected will vary widely from one household to the next. There is no "one answer generalizes it all" kind of answer to that question. However, you can know what to expect by not being afraid of setting limits and boundaries. What and which duties you're "expected" to carry out are up to you. It's all about what you are or are not willing to do, even if you're the submissive type.


Personally, I can tell you that a picture sometimes helps with expected duties. Sounds strange, but it does give a man an idea of what you can do for him. I was always something like the body guard or the driver or a combination of both along with simple household stuff. Then when men found out I loved auto mechanics and fixing stuff, I ended up being the handyman. Yes, I'll admit, more than once I was attracted to the guy I was working for, and every time sex happened, I initiated or made it clear I wouldn't be offended if he did. What can I say... a well aged man is often times irresistible, and when they get a reason to slow down from work to be romanced for a change, well... haha they all responded well to it. I can also say that in my experience, the harder he works and the more in charge he has to be at work, the more willing he is to melt in my arms behind closed doors when he gets home. It's fun making a bottom out of a "top" that doesn't have time for the games the boys in his area play. To greet a tired man at the door, take his clothes off, and before he can say a word, just bend him over whatever furniture is nearby, and not let him out of your grip til he has to leave the next day for work (or make him quite late for work)... mmmm damn, some good memories there. Sorry to all you twinks and young guys, but to find a mature man that can stand alone from you easily but make him helpless to your grip, your passion, your desire for him just means a lot more than railing some young pushover. Then, to get to dress him in the morning... yeah, most men I worked for were often times late to work. There were those that I got to visit on their lunch break. I can say that office furniture can support far more weight and abuse than they're rated for, but make sure the swivel on his chair has a locking option, and always make sure he has a can of WD-40 or mechanical lube in his desk or office. Nothing ruins a good secret faster than squeaky springs in office furniture. You should only have to focus on keeping your boss quiet, not his office furniture. 

Damn. Those memories make me wish I had still been a houseboy when covid hit. I could just imagine quarantining with some hard working guy that's now stuck at home at Zoom meetings. The things I'd do to him as I made him keep a straight face on camera.... 

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