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Veteran, top, seeking a mechanic/driver, gay valet.

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I could spend all day talking about myself, but kinda tired of it. What is important is I am sick of being alone, and the last 4 years is the first time I have not had at least one, and usually two, live-in companions who generally were tired of dating, not wishing to go through the Grindr, call-boy, or silly meaningless random sex routine. Sure, they were usually vets, like me, students of little means, or guys that had such personal issues and self-esteem issues, they were in danger of being lost or go nuts. Certainly Covid has not helped. I am vaccinated, negative, educated,.... blah, blah, blah! And what I seek in you is someone who feels like, if they just had a chance to belong someplace, with help, meaning moral support and coaching, not a "Sugar-Daddy" situuation, they could pull them selves up and actually have a life. No, I do not seek to reform those on drugs, drinkers, or smokers, that's beyond my capacity for patience, and beyond hope for you to do alone, get Help!

What I do require, if anything, is that you have some skill, and these are the ones I prefer, military experience, with a decent MOS, someone who likes to monkey with, or has experience with old cars, as THAT alone is something I wish to be involved in, restorations, also carpentry, or construction, or cooking, or HELL. even a cook or just a dedicated student who's not getting anywhere alone. I FIRMLY believe that it usually takes help, and someone to count on, both ways, to accomplish and build a life, so if you have tried, nearly or partly succeeded, or have HOPES you can accomplish good things if given a chance, TRY me. All I can do is say no, right? To my way of thinking, it is a team effort and one which requires absolute effort on both parts, so, Let me know what you think.

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