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Hollow messages


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I keep seeing the same thing, and it really could be two things indicated. First, I see Houseboys pleading to be asked questions, and then complaining that no one answers them, and two, I see people reaching out for someone to listen, both seekers AND Houseboys, but failing to realize the reason is, they have said nothing to respond to.

Do us ALL a favor, take the time to realize you are responsible here to communicate enough about yourself to attract attention, if you are a Houseboy, and you have the responsibility to display the traits and characteristics which make you unique, desirable, and needed. 

If you are seeking a Houseboy, please extend everyone the courtesy to know your background, likes, and then describe a bit about what you seek, and what you offer in return, why wait until you have 2-3 responses to realize the person talking to you hasn't a clue how to communicate, or is so messed up they cannot even open up a conversation. It is the duty of someone seeking a Houseboy not only to start the dialog, but to draw the Houseboy into a meaningful conversation, empty, shallow responses are just an indication you are being dicked around by either a scam player, or chanced upon someone without the skill or ability to convey their better selves, and making a cry for help towards finding a teacher.

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