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New Houseboys, new Employers both have Responsibilities rowards meeting.


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New Houseboys should realize this  space is like a resume spot for recruitment by Men who have an opening, not just in their home, but in their lives for a worthwhile guy who wishes to live within the Gay community as a helper and part of our family. The internet it seems, has created a new means to form attachments, but the fact is, many men are seeking to have a REAL companion, and it's a shame that there are no formal rules for communication, just a polite, and open suggestion that people realize they are in a marketplace, trying to "sell" your experience, desires, goals and future hopes to be a part of the community, and a family, in a significant way.

Likewise, guys seeking a Houseboy have the responsibilty to realize they are not "hiring" an indentured servant, who is obligated to adhere to any whim, kink, situation or demand you make, you are selecting someone that you wish to take on in a mutually beneficial situation. To those unfortunate losers who are basically predators in locating and abusing guys for a time and hope to find someone as gullible and irresponsible of their own future and safety, well, there is a thing called Karma which will eventually place you into a situation where you belong! For those Houseboy wannabees who think they can lie and obfuscate their way into a position of some reward, give it up, the situation is there are many more out there who see through you just by the sheer fact you do not communicate well, tend to change stories, and will point you out to others long before you have a chance to profit much, and realistically, you have no future in duping people, there are too many of them, and too few braincells in your pathetic cranium!

This leaves those few serious people who are sincerely pressing to locate a companion, adopt and bring them into something which can really only be described as the ride of your life. Sure, there are pitfalls, drugs, alcoholism, petty and demented guys on both sides, who just wanna take any advantage they can, but,in the end, that kind of behavior is short-lived and best sought out for exposure, and getting someone banned from participation in polite company. Perhaps this is the best advice to give, there is a polite, thriving community which welcomes people who deserve a place, and that same community is strong enough to weed out and segregate users and abusers alike from participating.

The main point of this is the need for communication, what you will find is those who are worthwhile do have the ability to tell you what they are seeking, how they either desire, or offer help, and who can easily convey the idea of feelings, needs and those skills, abilities and hopes they bring to the table. It all starts with communication, so if you hide, fail to respond, or tend to not purposely say enough about yourself and prove to each other a sincerity and caring attitude, it will show, those people who only discuss "ME, ME, ME!" are the ones who have neither the ability or attitude to help or support anyone, themselves, included.

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Remember that this site is pure fantasy. There are no real jobs here, just arrangements. Sure, dating is "possible" from this site, but you can't get upset that most guys you meet on this fantasy arrangement site seem to be interested in something far less serious than the companionship you desire. 

Also, remember that on this site (or any site), no one owes you a response or a level of communication as deep as what you see fit. There is no reason to focus on those that can't communicate with you the way you seek. There is no reason to try to "teach" everyone the right way to treat you. If you're looking for companionship as you say, why focus on what so many guys are doing wrong when you could be searching for and focusing on that one guy that responds the right way? You're looking for one, not trying to appeal to the masses. 

When I was a houseboy, I only used this site to fulfill those fantasies I had. While some people offer pay, I never took pay from guys from this site because I knew I was meeting them because I was attracted to them. When it came to the real houseboy positions where I was paid on an actual payroll, taxes taken out, all that stuff, that came from other places. I'm not saying there's no serious boys on this site, but you can't fault anyone on this site for not taking things as serious as you do when this is a site that advertises housing a boy in exchange for his help in and out of the bed. If you seek true companionship, it's likely not going to be found on a site that that is sponsored by porn. Even the "Help and Info" page on this site features lines like "Rubbers are for women and children on a rainy day – not for a little piggy's bedroom!" and "Cum inside our bulletin boards and chat rooms and get ready for a nasty ride!".

In other words, don't take stuff so seriously on this site. Sure, some guys may just stop responding or not respond... okay, that's a polite way of letting you know they're not interested. Guys on a fantasy website might not be logging in here to find a boyfriend or loving companion. Employers and houseboys don't all have the responsibilities here that you set out just because it's what you want. Every single man I met on this site, they paid my way to meet them 100%. It wasn't a requirement; that's just the only guys on this site I met. Instead of complaining about those that didn't meet that standard of mine, I just focused on those that were truly interested that did.

I DID have one responsibility, though. Even though I was the younger top that loved to play the role of the dominant top that was "stuck" with a helpless older man that "couldn't get rid of me" (yeah, that was fun), in all reality, I always, ALWAYS had a way out that I provided for myself, whether it be a plane ticket, train ticket, came in my own car, etc. That and the decision to use condoms was NEVER up to the other person. On this and any other site of fantasy, my only responsibilities were to myself. Otherwise, I simply am or am not someone else's fantasy, and I'll focus on those that I am. 

I hope you find what you're looking for. Truth be told, there needs to be more good guys out there looking for something "real" with one special guy, but don't expect to find that right away on a fantasy website, and don't be bothered by those that don't share your same desires.

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^^^^ That logic is what anti-maskers and anti-vaxers use to justify being stupid about covid.

Think about it; this is a site where boys can advertise themselves to get hired to have sex with men that they clean house for. Sex for money. That's quite illegal and is called prostitution, or at least it would be if this site positioned itself as an official job listing site. In your profile, you can list your sexual desires along with your pay requirements. What legal jobs do you have to list those things together? Of course this site is fantasy. The admins here wouldn't dare list themselves as an employer or employment agency for what this site offers.

Now, I'm not trying to "defend" this site. It has its ups and downs like any other. It's not my favorite site, but I was lucky enough to be a houseboy when there were several other competing sites like this (and they were all great). This site can be frustrating, but I still love the connections I make here even to just make friends. However...

It would be absurd to go to a website that lists sexual desires and payment requirements in each profile to find a serious companion. That would be as effective as going to a strip club and telling them to keep the music down so you can use their wifi to attend a video conference call for work, and then blame them for not creating a more work friendly environment.

The irony of the use of the word "absurd" is that now you might start to see why the guys here aren't really taking you seriously. Still, I hope you find what you're looking for. 

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Fantasy site? No, I never considered this a fantasy site but it IS a site used by people to con, try and locate suckers, on both sides, and delude ourselves we can get something for nothing. Look, there is a reality in that some people do wish to live in an actual world where they can make their own reality. I don't know whose glass is half full. or empty, but DO know That there are people who need and desire to live in a world beyond your insensitive and doubting ideation of reality. The reason this is known is because it WAS real for me, I chanced upon, not one, but a number of situations where guys were sick of the reality you portray, and took a chance with others. Not that you ever will, but then, isn't that your loss? Get past the grifters and predators and find there is substance, both in people and in making your own reality.

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