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Scammer alert.

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The names Johnbreslaws & John2 are both scammers. If you read their profile/bio fully & carefully they are about 95 to 100% the same. Just using 2 different pictures & locations. I texted with Johnbreslaws@gmail.com and he is not honest & for real. He gave me a birth date that makes himself 20 years old & he lists himself as 22. The picture he sent me in our emails does not match the one on the site. If I were you I would avoid them by all means. Or everyone who reads this could email bomb his Johnbreslaws@gmail.com address & tell him what a low-life he really is. HA-HAAA 

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... or just ignore him and be done with him. If he's a scammer, a bunch of people emailing him would just leave him with a bunch of email addresses he could use to send all kinds of spam and junk to or have others send junk to. Sounds like a pretty poorly thought out plan for revenge, don't you think?

The fakes are annoying, but there's no good reason to play their games when there's so many real boys you could be focused on.

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