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It's amazing to me that there are not more guys seeking to be Houseboys for real.


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It really is a new world out there, and in this world there are more slippery and dishonest people than I care to admit. The fact is, we have a certain (small number, thank goodness!) of people who are so far out there in fantasy-land, it's truly doubtful they know a shady lie from an honest answer. But I do tell you what, there is always those people who are open and honest about seeking someone in their lives, and there are a few ways to tell them from the wannabees and liars, for one, they start off with treating a forum like this as a resume, and tell you, upfront, a lot more than "Hey I am cute, hire me,  or,...come live with me!" They give you an idea of their situation, "just out of school," " living at home," "recently discharged veteran," or,  on the employer side you get, "couple needing helper,"  "Houseboy needed," and THEN, you get some kind of introduction, like, "I want to start over, things have been confused in my life too long," or, "ambitious sexy boy looking to belong to a house where open relationships, experimentation, curiosity-filled, exhibitionism is the norm," or, "previously anorexic in relationships guy, once a closet-case has devoted his life to discovery, and not being ashamed of my decision, and needs help to learn what is possible on this side of the fence!"  "Help wanted, assistant who has figured out his parents knew nothing about raising a Gay boy, and whose needs include guidance in finding my own ranges and limits in Life! "  Sure this all sounds familiar, because we have BEEN there, and should no longer be afraid to admit we have ideas, desires, and a need to explore something we just haven't the capacity to explore alone. Face it, no one was born an expert in any endeavor, to include being gay, and without a bit of help, guidance, and experience, It's seriously doubtful anyone will learn to grow and be a part of ANY community. Such imaginative tag lines are not beyon anyone's  imagination, you have your own story to share, it should reflect not ONLY the actual desire to join the  community, but does not hide and betray the fact someone is just looking to take advantage and use people. We will leave that for the ones who refuse to blend in some details about their experience, the desire to move ahead and the absolute NEED to share this experience with others, be guided or assisted in your life, and, overall, be a decent and open person who actually cares about others and wishes to participate, and not just prey on others by putting up shy feelers which  cry for notice, but do nothing to detail things like goals, Shyness may be a fact, but it is also a MASK which can hide acceptance, a false person, and fail to reveal experience, which can help to reveal someone's actual abilities, or hide a desire to find guidance. And let's face it, it is NOT just Houseboys who need guidance, it is anyone who wishes to be a part and take PRIDE in our community. Let's reach out a bit farther, take hold of your manhood and actually open up about what you seek, are offering, and are capable of.

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