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Why don't houseboys believe that This is legitimate free room & board

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There are two main reasons that answer the question you've asked, as well as few other things to consider. First, there are almost as many fake "employers" here as there are fake houseboys, and many houseboys have grown weary of it. That is part of the reason this site isn't anywhere near as active or popular as it used to be. Honestly, it's easier to find houseboy positions on any regular dating site as long as you position your profile to show that you are a houseboy or someone looking for one. Far fewer fakes on regular dating sites. Don't be so surprised when a boy is weary of a "free" arrangement, one which yours isn't.

The second part of that is that it does, indeed, come off odd that someone would post so many messages in a few days time seeming to get more and more desperate (I don't mean to use that word disparingly) about needing to find a boy. Just relax and be yourself. The right boy will come to you when it is meant to happen. I'm sure you two have a lot to offer (I know I enjoyed my time in Palm Springs as a houseboy, can't imagine a good boy not wanting to take advantage of that too), but put those good things forward instead of the desperation. Again, I hate to use that word "desperate" because it always has such a negative connotation; I just mean you're coming on far too strong to have so much to offer. 

I said there were two reasons, but there is a third and a fourth reason to consider, starting with pictures. Updated, recent, clear face pictures. Your profile on the main site has two pictures, neither of which a person can clearly see your faces. I understand the need for privacy as most of the men I worked for when I was a houseboy were high profile guys, but in all reality, few people using a houseboy site are on here trying to not be noticed. A few face pictures will make a huge difference. Yes, the dick pic of the younger half of your union is hot, but honestly, it's not showing anything that any other young boy on here can't show or currently isn't showing. A face will always stand out as more sincere and welcoming than a nude pic. In the end of my time as a houseboy, as well as a date or two that I've had from this site, they were guys I met and messaged here on the forums (the private messages) rather than on the main site (which is far slower). Adding a few pictures here wouldn't hurt.

That fourth reasons is the fact that you're a couple. This won't be an issue to the right boy, so nothing wrong with not being single. The thing is, which one of you is writing this profile and these ads/messages? It always turns out there one person tends to want the "third" far more than the other. On the other hand, when you have a couple that are so different, it's not unreasonable to run into the issue of the houseboy really being far more into one than the other. We can only assume the person behind this profile is the older gentleman when you look at the turn ons listed in the profile and how much they match the smooth young boyfriend/husband you already have, as well as the forum responses to Asian houseboy ads. A houseboy can only wonder why, if you already have that at home, would you need or want more, and what he would have to do to fit in to whatever it is you're not getting. That brings me to the next point, which is the idea of free room and board.

No, it's not free. Any houseboy knows he will have to put out in order to give you, the employer, everything you're looking for or suggesting in your profile. The only guys that can just disconnect and be sexual with anyone in exchange for a place to sleep are... well, that's why this site is a fantasy site, not a true employment site. Although you never come out and say you're looking for sex, it's quite obvious you are. I mean, no one posts a picture of a cute young smooth naked Asian (or any) man as a part of a job profile. That brings me back to my previous point; though the only nude pic is of your boy, is that who the third person gets to be the most focused on sexually, or should they be someone attracted to the exact opposite of that, which is you? If so, why lure him in with something he's not really there to get? Also, if a houseboy doesn't fit what you desire the most, he might not feel he would be your first choice even if you do pick him. Seeing the sexy boy you already have and seeing you seeking something else/more, why would a houseboy on here think you'd would want him any more and not just send him packing in a month or so? Relocating multiple times is never free.

Also, I mentioned that you never really stated you wanted to find another boy for sex, but it's obvious that's what you want based on what you wrote. Other houseboys might notice that you seem to intentionally not fully state what you want. Even your post here, you just end the sentence mid thought with three periods. You do the same thing in your profile. This shows that you might not be the kind of man that just gets to the point or states things straight out. If a houseboy is in need of a stable man to live with, you must know that being unable to state things clearly is not a sign of stability or even honestly to be quite frank. What stops a grown man from being able to state what is on his mind? It almost looks like you're embarassed to let people know that you would have a guy give you sex in order to stay with you. Again, this site is fantasy. This isn't real employment or anything like that. As long as it's consentual, any real man would have no issue owning up to what he likes. As sites like this fade into history, there is no reason to fully enjoy whatever it is you like, and you won't find the right boy that likes the same if you're hiding from it.

With all that being said (I know, it was a lot, but I am sitting here bored while working, so meh...), anyone can tell your heart (and desires) are in the right place, and that you two have a lot to offer. Just don't cloud it by putting up a sense of desperation when anyone can see from what you already have waiting for you at home that you don't have to be. Still, be realistic about the idea of offering room and board in exchange for a sexual and likely emotional connection that this houseboy would have to make with you two, which makes it anything but free. State what you want, but show them what they're getting; make him want it instead of making him have to wonder. I mean hey, that worked for me. I'm not a twink, not a bottom, not the "ideal" boy in any way, yet I never had a gap between houseboy positions when I was a houseboy. If I was able to always find good arrangements, I know a guy living in a nice area that can support more than one boy who would take advantage of all that just by doing some chores and having sex would be a dream for a lot of the houseboys here. There are tons of hot employers on here that do get right to the point about what they want without sugarcoating things, so don't expect to stand out beating around the bush (especially when it's quite clear you don't want a bush to beat around in the first place). 

Happy hunting!



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