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Looking for houseboy 2022


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Edit : “moved” to Houseboy forum.   Hard to believe a new year is upon us. Hopefully everyone’s 2022 is better than mosts 2021.  I am looking for a young guy that is interested in a Long term arrangement, someone honest and respectful, that wants to be treated with respect and honesty.  Looking for a companion , someone with some common interests, someone that wants to share his interests and passions.   Someone that enjoys new experiences, travel,  adventure, the outdoors.  (Room , board, allowance, gym and other benefits).      Someone that is interested in more of a mentor, partner, dad/son type of relationship and wants to develop a strong and lasting bond.  Someone that wants to feel secure , supported, protected. If you are interested,  include a bit about yourself, interests, personality , experience , etc in your response.  

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