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Houseboy looking for Dad/Sir

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I previously found great happiness and partnership with a relationship that lasted just shy of 5 years. We were introduced by a friend of his on here and couldn’t have been a better match. 
I am looking for that same compatibility and partnership as before. Naturally submissive here, and have realized that Dom/Sir/Dad/Master/Coach all have overlapping traits and to not get bogged down by labels. The power imbalance (with a basis of respect) is what I seek, and the label holds less importance. 


I would be happy to relocate for the right man. 

Just uploaded a profile and EXCITED to be on this adventure again. 




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Couple of issues, 5 years isn't bad, what was the nature of the relationship, and what was your part in it?


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Well, I see you are reading y profile. I am 53, and in Midwest, looking to move to Texas, Austin ONLY, and ran a gay bed and breakfast there for 7 years. I am a former Army officer, and well, am not Monogamous, have had two 3 way relationships where we all lived together, like to know more about what you consider a relationship, include your age, and any other pertinent you care to tell.

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