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Finding someone real as me

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I have been on this site for several years with hopes to find another DL closeted bi guy like me who is masculine, discreet, height and weight proportionate, versatile, who has never contracted any STD's/STI's in there entire life like myself. I will never understand why most of the openly gay community has accepted HIV and is something I truly will never accept in my life unlike most in this community. Recently retired, so all I am willing to offer is free room and board, and travel if we meet. Seems impossible to meet anyone real in this community any more regardless what dating site or app you use. I view the entire bi/gay community as being mentally/sexually challenged misfits who hide behind a computer screen or smart phone being total pic collectors, and yet, nobody ever meets anyone. I think it's time to rethink my bisexuality and just go back to women, all you guys play far too many games for me and entertain far too much unnecessary dram for me, and as always, nobody ever meets anyone. Sorry I even wasted my time on here, this community has turned into a total joke for meeting anyone. Best of luck guys. :)

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Sorry to hear you are having so many problems on here.  I tried to look up your profile, but it doesn't come up in any search.  You might want to check out why your profile isn't visible and then maybe you'll have more luck searching for your perfect match.

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If you were to just read what you posted, and read it carefully, you actually answer why you're not finding anyone that wants to spend time with you from this (or any) site. If I may just say...


Houseboy.com is a fantasy site. I'm not saying no one is real here, but we're all here to fulfill a fantasy. No reasonable person comes to a fantasy niche site and use that to get an idea of the gay community. That would be like me going back to old Twitter posts, reviewing when Trump posted some of his fans chanting "white power, white power" and then assuming all white or Caucasian men and women are like that. See how unreasonably stupid that would be, to make assumptions about an entire people based on one group?

Also, std's and sti's are nothing to scold someone over. There are very few people that go out and say "you know, I'm not coming home until I'm carrying a new disease or virus", and most of the people that do find out they have got it from someone that didn't exactly tell them. I know plenty of men and women that did everything right, wore condoms and everything, and still ended up catching something. The thing is, shaming someone about it isn't going to teach anyone anything about it, how to treat it if it happens, and how to prevent it from happening again. Back when gays had to stay in hiding, most of the hate that kept driving homophobic actions was based on ignorant people going off of what they guessed about gays because there weren't any gays brave enough to teach the truth about the kind of people we are and can be. Things got better because more truth finally came front and center and people stopped being shamed to the shadows of society. You're not smarter than anyone just because you've managed to avoid contracting any detectable std's or sti's, and keep in mind that it can take up to 10 years of testing for things like HIV to show up. 


Oddly enough the moment you stop thinking you're better than someone else, the easier it will be to connect with someone. I mean, here you are offering to pay and financially support a guy to sell yourself as a good catch and you're still sleeping alone because you're too busy trying to shame the very people you're trying to meet. That's real rich coming from a guy that can't even show his face. Don't give that excuse about people collecting pictures. I'm sure some people do, but no real man comes to a site to find someone by hiding away so that no one finds out he's on here. Seriously, how do you expect to find a guy when you make it impossible to be noticed? Seems like a real genius move there.


So now you think it's time to rethink your sexuality. Really? So you're so real that you can just decide to be straight? You're so fed up with guys that you go and post on a gay site that you're going to straight? Yes, I'm sure that would make any gay guy feel comfortable devoting their time and energy to someone like that knowing he might wake up one day and get up out because his gay lover has suddenly chosen to go straight. If you were really fed up with gays, wouldn't it make more sense to just go to a straight site and find a chick? Do you think the gay guys on here are going to reach out to try to "save" you as if the gay community would be losing someone great?


To sum up your post, guys with std's are gross dirty people, being HIV positive is basically a sin and we shouldn't accept people that are positive. You've had nothing but bad luck finding a good guy on any gay site or app, and even though the common denominator is you AND you even offer to pay and support a guy so that he likes you enough to give you a chance, the issue must be every other gay guy. 


Honestly, if you're anything like this post, the only thing you leave people thinking about you is that cocaine must be one hell of a drug. I say that because at first, I just thought you were some random guy on his high horse, but to think the way you do, you are clearly on something else. 



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