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37 y/o looking for a live-in houseboy (relo & support provided)

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I’m looking for a live-in houseboy. Someone who’s been craving structure and discipline and is looking for room, board.

I’m not looking for a relationship, I’m not looking for there to be feelings involved, I want there to be clear cut boundaries. I am willing to support the right person , to include paying for tuition or subsidizing costs if he doesn’t want to get a job. I’m happy to use this arrangement as a way for someone to get back on their feet before moving on, this doesn’t need to be permanent.

Bare minimum, chores (cooking, cleaning, yard work, laundry, etc,), errands (shopping, dry cleaning, etc.), and other day-to-day home maintenance activities. In exchange, you’d get room & board & a weekly allowance. Beyond that, there’s some room for negotiation and discussion.

I’m very respectful of boundaries and a large portion of this can be discussed/laid out beforehand. I will pay relocation expenses and have a spare room.

This person would have to be drug-free (420 okay) and would not be allowed to bring strangers into the house.

Anybody out there that would find this arrangement appealing?

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Unless you already have a profile on the main website (I haven’t checked) you are pretty much wasting your time posting here on the forum as few members ever view it. Best of luck in your search. 

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