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Cutexxx - yet another scammer


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Wants to go to google chat immediately,  immediately starts the "daddy" label , and then says you just need to send him $600 to buy him from his current master.   He eMails and Google Chats from his phone, but of course can't video chat.   Sends a picture claiming it is him in his passport, the picture is an awful photoshop that overall lays part of the text.   The passport is for Issac Smart White  - wonder if that poor guy knows his passport information is being passed around.   Also, the passport was issued in 2016 - which would make him 16 when the picture was taken - oddly it looks exactly like the picture he first send in chat - hasn't aged in the last 6+ years.  Also his profile says he's 23 but his passport says 22.  Use caution when messaging with this person. 

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Just a little update.   Cutexxx admitted in chat that he is actually from "an African country" and is a scammer looking for money.   After he finally admitted that he was indeed a scammer - he asked for money again.   You have to give him credit for persistence.

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