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  1. Maybe with Skype or another video chat platform the two parties could get a good idea of their mutual compatibility, but it would take time and both would need to commit that if there is doubt on either side, it is “no deal”. Uncertainty and doubt are two different things. There will always be uncertainty about what is coming, but doubt is when you suspect the worst is likely. As for the financial arrangement, I can’t speak to the actual dollar amounts, but I would expect that if a houseboy completes his commitment honorably (or if the time frame is open-ended, he has served a reasonable tenure) that I should be prepared to send him off with enough cash to get him back to where I found him. A scam artist can come from anywhere, including overseas. But I guess I’d be much more trusting of a fellow who gets a tourist visa and sees a limited-time houseboy engagement as an adventure and a way to experience my country while benefitting from having a built-in home and friend.
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