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  1. I have to see that now you mention his trick
  2. chasebush

    Cleaning Products

    I have used similar but not quite the same thank you for the tip. Good point on the marble, Marble does not mix with anything toxic, such as Vinegar and bleach. I would hate for a houseboy to destroy a floor with bleach.
  3. I don't want any money or form of payment. I am an older houseboy, I have a full time job and my own home and was a houseboy for a gentleman for many years on the weekends. I would cook, clean and do what ever else he requested sometimes even escort him out and of course personal stuff. He was a great master, very strict and enjoyed spanking and other things he has now gone into a retirement home. If you are older than 65 and looking for a very clean houseboy please contact me.
  4. Sorry to hear you got scammed.
  5. I agree with Zack, if you are applying for any job it is your responsibility to get their. If they want money just to get to you, it is 95% likely to be a scam, you don't want them in your life or home. Zack stay strong you will find the right boy
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