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  1. Why don't you have a profile as it's free?
  2. My partner passed away on February 11th. Not a very good time for me right now but thanks for your thoughts.
  3. How come I can't find your profile?
  4. Hi and Happy New Year to you too. I ended giving up on this site. I had way too many scammers. Most of them sent me pictures but I guess they don't realize that there are sites online that you can upload pictures and they will match them with what is posted online on other sites. 99.9% of the time the pictures came from porn sites. So I finally took a chance on craigslist local. I found a 27 year old gay male with Asperger Syndrome that wanted to move out of his house here in the same town. I interviewed him and he seemed ok so I took him over to see the house. Long story short, he has been here since August. Not exactly what I was looking for but he is working out. I wish you the best of luck. Some people told me to hang in there but I really needed someone right away. As it turned out my partner is in the hospital and not sure if he will be coming home again so I'm glad I have someone here. Although we did make a promise that I would never call him a houseboy. It just didn't sound right to me. I wish you the best of luck and let me know how it goes.
  5. Damn, if I was in my 20's I would take you up on the offer. lol I guess times have changed. I would love to find one for long term. I don't know how someone can pass up free room and board. Mine would be part time live-in so they can go to school or get a job for spending money. There are other benefits I want to offer but didn't want to put into my profile for personal reasons. Good luck on your search.
  6. It happened again to me last month. Everything was going fine until "I don't have any money to get to you." But I bet he is walking around with an IPhone. My profile lays everything out. Find a way here to get here and I will reimburse you. If it seems like things are not working out, I pay your way home. You can't get much clearer than that. Oh well, I'm still looking for a REAL HOUSEBOY.
  7. Hi, I can agree with some of what you said but not all. Twice I made plans to meet up with 2 different houseboys out of state. The 2 were just last month. I was driving down to Ft Lauderdale for 2 weeks and looked around the areas that I was going to drive through. My thought was sort of meet and greet. I made a couple of contacts and told them I was heading down that area and we could meet. If it was a go I would stop and pick him up on my way back and take him to his new home in Massachusetts. But after many emails working out all the details of what was expected from the both of us it ended with them wanting me to send them a plane ticket instead because they were not going to be around at the times I was going to be there. Both times I never heard back from them. So now I an cynical and that is why I wrote what I did. I have had contact with more than those 2 and I'm beginning to think most guys on this site really don't want to be a houseboy. That's why I feel the way I do. If you want to be here then make arraignments to get here on your own and I will take care of you.. It's all spelt out in my profile. Maybe it's my age but what really gets me is I'm a great person and deserve better. If I had a houseboy he would be treated just like family. I would be the type of person that he would differently know he could count on. I drive to Florida once a year and I go to Fire Island twice during the summer and would love to take him with me. There could even be an inheritance of some kind down the line. I can give you an example of the last one. He lives in Florida and stated that he had a car but it would never make it so he would sell it. All he would bring with him are clothes and a laptop. We were all set. I have a 2011 Jeep which is in excellent condition and a friend of mine was selling his 2014 Jeep which I really liked. I asked him not sell it until I came back. My thought was that I would buy his Jeep and give the houseboy that I brought back from Florida my Jeep. But I wanted to surprise him so didn't say anything about it. He never responded to our last email. So I guess I've done everything you mentioned before I made my comment.
  8. Why is it so hard to find a guy that wants to be a real houseboy? I've made a few contacts and after several emails it comes down that they want me to pay for their travel even though my profile explains everything. If you are looking for job you go to them and apply. You don't ask them to pay for your gas or taxi to get there. I don't mind helping someone once they are here but not before I even know them. A couple of them seemed like a really good match until they say I need to buy the plane ticket. I know some people have money problems but if you want to work you need to find a way. Am I wrong? What gives? Should I just delete my profile and leave as this seems like the trend? Thanks.
  9. I have had the same problem. How hard is it for someone to write back and say they are not interested or you live too far? I'm getting discourage with this site already. But I will hold on a while longer.
  10. I can't find the link to send you folks a picture to verify that it's actually me on my profile.

  11. This happened to me last week also and for the same amount for a 22 year old.
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