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  1. @Buck52 you’re right, it does take a real man to hold his hands up and admit where you got things wrong. That action alone speaks volumes to the kind of gent you are - thank you for making the effort by putting it right in this post.
  2. Won’t let me attach our WhatsApp conversation due to the file size being too big: - we spoke, you asked me to do an online questionnaire. - you asked if we could meet, during lockdown. - you suggested FaceTime - I agreed to. however because I didn’t respond within 1hr, then I got sent a message accusing me of being “fake and pervy”.
  3. Erm, a bit unfair guys: @Paulwill yes we both live in the same city, but by default that doesn’t mean we’re compatible - you messaged me several times during lockdown, asking for a meet - if I didn’t respond within 20-30 minutes then I’d get a “oh you must be fake” message. Despite me telling you I was busy working and free to chat at XX time. Just because we didn’t meet, it’s unfair for you to start posting about me being fake. fake and incompatible are two totally different things. @Buck52 - not sure if you have me confused, I have not And have never blocked you. We exchanged a few messages - nothing developed or there was no “line of questioning” in my mails.
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