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  1. Hello, the title is self explanatory. Don't wanna come off rude or a wrong way. Just want someone i can care for and help or just be a good friend too. Someone who is willing to take me in and help my grow as a human being and prosper. I really could and need a stable place of living and i want to better myself and further my education. Im sorta on the brink of just deleting this app because ive gotten hardly any responses and everyone is picky nowadays.... i wanna be myself and not something someone wants me to be. I wanna be able to be happy and smile again and just sorta not worry about having to constantly move all the time. I just need a anchor. Support. A caring and loving individual who wont give up on me and stick with me. Someone who can help me heal. I guess im just asking for a fairy tale. Anyways, if this even remotely interests you. I guess feel free to message me. If not then have a good day and night. This would be my last and finale ad and if i cant find anything by September. Im deleting my account.. Good day.
  2. Hello, im a houseboy or can be a companion, whatever we can work out for each other. I currently live in Las Vegas and really could use someone who can help me strive and prosper in life. Yes i do have another post and unfortunately ive gotten no response from anyone for that matter. And hopefully i can reach someone on this one. Im a very kind hearted, sweet, caring and loving individual. I just wanna be able to make my life and myself better. So why is it hard to find someone decent on the this website who wants to help and see a individual grow? Seems like every "Employer" i talk to on here seems like they only wanna have you as a Sex Slave or someone to dominate. That aint for me. At all. I just wanna meet someone who is kind hearted and wants nothing but the best for me and who isnt crazy. I can relocate and willing to talk and discuss things over to make this all work out between us If your actually serious and wanna talk more and interested. Write me on my profile on the main Website or kik me at BungieJumper Have a good day and night and thank you for reading.
  3. Hello, i could honestly use the help and a place to stay/live. I currently live in Las Vegas and wanting someone on the West Coast. Mostly California. Because honestly California is home. I have no criminal records or history. I have pictures to provide as well through email to the people who actually serious about helping me. And i will ignore people who just wanna waste my time. Im 20 years old, 128lbs, 5'8ft. I've been dealt alot of sh** hands in life and gotten f***** over alot by people who said they can help me. So please.... when you message me, come correct and with a heart, because i wouldnt be reaching out if i didnt need help. Have a good day and evening to everyone who reads this.
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