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  1. I have been in that exact spot in the Willis Tower. I love your post I wish I was younger I think I would have made a terrific houseboy. You guys look like a great couple.
  2. Are you open to a working relationship where we may never meet?
  3. I have had the good fortune to have met some awesome people this way too not everyone is a scammer. We chatted then called and finally decided it would be great to meet. I live in Las Vegas and don't play much at the casinos. I can easily justify sending a Greyhound bus ticket to someone in the hopes that I make a nice connection but in the end, if it didn't work out for any reason then I don't feel it was any different then taking my money down to the Strip and blowing it there. I might win I might lose more than likely I will lose it the trick is to only play with what you can comfortably loose.
  4. I was very fortunate when I was a youngster in my early 20's. I was not rich financially but I did have a great job and a fantastic boss who was also my boyfriend at the time. We had a county house and a studio flat in town walking distance to our office. this was the first time I was able to have a houseboy. we were the same age, well he might have been just a year or two younger than me.... but at 20 whos counting in our early 20's. He had it pretty good as well since All I ever had him do was clean up or tiny flat, shop, cook and work with me on some small projects. Did I mention that it was a studio so the sleeping arrangement was together in a king size bed? The sex was out of this world fun!!! I don't expect to find the same dynamic since now I'm older and single. I'm not what anyone would call a Dom but I can be a tiny bit aggressive in needed or wanted. Anyway, I'd Love to hear about others experiences and see where this post goes.
  5. This is great information of course for me it's a bit to late. I sent a potential houseboy the electronic ticket and he used it. He just never showed up after he arrived in town. It was round trip. Maybe that was a mistake.
  6. Where's your office? I mean where are you producing porn these days?
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