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  1. Some of us... Just want fucked really hard, square in the ass by two older hairy guys. Some of us... arent exactly desperate: we just want to try new things.... namely the shit we see in porn. Most porn, is homosexual aggression and in many cases forced sodomy. In most cases, the aggressive group is older. Me? I just want fucked hard by a group of older guys while I am still young enough to be described as "cute"... and if possible make money off the situation by making a porn. write me...
  2. Do we have buttfucking roommates up in this board? I want to spend a few months belly down in a pair of ripped briefs
  3. Seeking dom top male couple... Preferably one social enough to have another pair of friends. Would prefer white or blue collar american males, 40-65yrs Write me... Vagabond or... Anurean@icloud.com
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