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  1. thanks for this, you're right. Think i still have to learn to think as a houseboy. Too bad interracial still is only 25%.
  2. Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging will prepare you for the upcoming green future.
  3. this reads like discrimination of cross dressers and transgenders. Please improve your attitude towards others.
  4. hi, i'm curious to find a Master/Employer here who is into a submissive, obedient crossdressing houseboy. Of course i can dress all masculine and do all of the male things, like hiking, sports et cetera... But, i like to dress in a maid outfit when doing household chores. It helps me having a positive, upbeat attitude. In the bedroom, it makes me do Anything for my Daddy. I love being slutty, and seducing my Master.
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