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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone my name is Xiao. So I'm extremely new to this so i don't know how this goes. A bit if back story on me if any employer has intrest, or if someone just wants to chat, either way I'm all ears. :About me. I'm now 30 an work a dead end job while I struggle to try to get back on my feet after a devorce currently I would like to find someone to connect with, but I find it hard as so many people are fake an will manipulate any situation to there likening. Things I live for is world travel an learning how to run a business properly and learn how to find and gain willful backers to fund projects that can be gainful for both partys. Yet outside of my work life I spend most of my time alone an at home as I am to poor togo places unless I've scraped, and basically starved for several months just to afford a trip. When I say a trip, I actually mean I leave the country one suitcase, passport, and a pair of headphones with simple amenity options. Can someone please help me or am I just a lost cause?? It all comes to I'm ready to put myself out there, but the fear of falling again is mind numbing!
  2. I'm looking for attractive everyday men around 18-30 from different counties and cities to pose for fine art photos for possible inclusion in a photo exhibit and submission to Elska Magazine http://www.elskamagazine.com/ . It doesn't pay anything but you would have a fun experience and get copies of all the photos for yourself to do whatever you wish. If you would like to take a look at a small sampling of my photography you can go to Tad Boomer Photography http://tadboomer.com If you are interested, contact me through my website email. Please, serious inquiries only.
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