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House Boy

Private gay bed and breakfast needs a houseboy


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Nicomedes has a 4-bedroom apartment in Spain, with a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean, and easy beach access. He plans to rent out temporary bedrooms to gay and bi tourists. He wants a houseboy to attend the guests and clean up after them, to take care of all kitchen clean-up promptly, to clean the bathrooms weekly and as needed, to do laundry as needed, and to clean the whole place once a month. The relationship between employer and boy will probably be non-sexual. The houseboy will have his own room, rent-free, and will have complete access to all the food in the kitchen. Employer will do most of the grocery shopping, and will sometimes cook for both. Houseboy will receive no money from employer, and may earn spending money outside the apartment, probably as a trainer or dancer. He may not solicit tips from guests, although if they wish to tip him discreetly, that is their business.  He must speak at least some Spanish and English. Employer is an American teacher and travel consultant, 70 years old, bi/gay, and speaks 5 European languages. Houseboy should be under 35 y.o., and have a hairless body with a stocky, muscular build (165-180 cm.), and a clean-shaven face. He will perform his duties in revealing clothing, in gymwear, sometimes in underwear, perhaps sometimes nude. Mannerisms must be masculine, but his 'scene' is not set in stone -- Employer is open to several possibilities.   [Nicomedes of Bithynia was the erastes - mature gay lover - of an eromenes - teen gay lover - of a Roman patrician named Gaius Julius Caesar. Later in life, as a fabled womanizer in Rome, Caesar disliked the nickname 'Queen of Bithynia' which his soldiers teased him with, but it was only mild joshing, not serious abuse -- serious homophobia had not yet set in.] Interested boys should send one face-photo and at least 2 reavealing body photos (front and back) to Nicomedes at this site. 


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Hello, I'm looking for work.... Would like to work for you..I'm safe sexy honest loyal, Very sexual...Love to work in skimmpy booty shorts, leggings thong spiked boots....Will perform all duties I'm asked.... Don't have a problem working for cash outside.. Will work as a dancer etc....More information leave msg


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