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Hello Sir!

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Hi Guys!

My name is Joe Galea and I live in Bristol in the UK.

I am a very friendly, intelligent, relaxed and ultra open minded guy offering you a number of services.

Houseboy Service

Cleaning, Cooking, Ironing, Washing etc - naked, in underwear or in whatever you wish me wear


I'm an experienced masseur offering a very sensual and erotic, full head to toe, body massage.  I offering a relaxing gentle touch, using my whole body.  I also use many tantric methods to maximise your blissful experience. 

I am happy to travel across the UK to offer you this service.  Check out my web page for more and for those all important testimonials. 

More on my unique massage service

Life Model

I'm an experienced life model and happy to pose nude or in any fetish gear you wish.   Draw me, paint me, video me, photograph me!


I offer a burlesque style Striptease - either one to one, for couples or for large groups.   I have a number of costumes I strip from including: Schoolboy, Geek, Suited, Sailor and Cowboy.  

Party Organiser and Sexual Event Organiser

I run a company called Golden Guys, based in the West of England.   The group offers naked and orgy type events, sexual educational events such as Massage, visiting various fetishes and how to have better sex with your partner.  I also have tantric experience.  Happy to offer to create these events in the UK & Ireland.

For those living in the West of England here is the site: Golden Guys

So, that's me Joe Galea - ready to serve!

Naked DJ

I am an experienced DJ, working in gay venues across the South West, London, Brighton and Manchester.     Have DJ'd naked for tantric events in the past.

Office Boy

I am an experienced administrator, with many administration and business qualifications including an NVQ Level 3 in Admin & Business 

So... once again!  I'm Joe Galea - willing and ready to serve!


JG Houseboy2.jpg

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Hi Guys!

Thanks for the great messages you've been sending me.  I really wish I was in the US!

Aside from the above, I also film videos... striptease, kink etc.  These videos are free to stream for the next 24 hours later.  Hope you all enjoy them!


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